Northwest Corner Building, Columbia University, New York City

Northwest Corner Building, Columbia University, New York City

Graduate Students:  We are always looking out for exceptional and creative graduate students from a variety of backgrounds.  Please email Tal with your background, research interests, and a CV.  Prospective Graduate Students can apply to our lab through Biomedical Engineering (BME)  and the Integrated Biomedical Studies Program (CMBS), as well as other departments.  Email Tal well in advance of the application deadline and also consider applying for fellowships that we can support (NSF, DoD, etc).

Postdocs/Fellows:  We are always looking for M.D or Ph.D applicants from a wide variety of disciplines.  Please email Tal with your CV, a brief description of research interests and future plans, and the names of 2-3 references.  Please put "Postdoctoral Position" or "Fellow Position" in the subject line of the email.  

Undergraduates:   We are always looking for motivated and independent undergraduates to join the lab.  We require that students stay for at least 1 year (including a summer) to acquire expertise in specific laboratory techniques and make progress on a research project.  Undergraduate positions can receive research credit and are on a volunteer basis.  Please email Tal with a CV (or resume), major, research interests, and availability.   

Email:  td2506 AT columbia DOT edu