Flash Mobs at MIT

The Flash Mobs at MIT was a series of events that help bring biology and cancer research to life.  For the Cambridge Science Festival, we organized events where participants acted out biological processes related to the research going on at the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT.  I was involved in organizing and primarily directed filming and creating the videos for these events.  The first is "Bio Flash Mob", where the biological process being modeled was the delivery of drugs via nanoparticles to cancer cells.  The second is called "The Human DNA Strand" where the siRNA process was acted out.  Both of these approaches are currently being investigated as promising novel approaches to cancer treatment.  

Other Events

How high school science should have been.  Remember that awful biology class where you had to memorize a million Latin names? Did you struggle to balance chemistry equations and swear never to do that again? MIT scientists Tyler Dewitt (G, Biology), Raoul Correa (G, Chemistry), Kate Goldstein, Sabine Hauert, Filippo Menolascina, Tal Danino, and Eben Cross will share their most memorable moments from high school science class on Wednesday, April 17th, 2013, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the MIT Museum. They will also describe how those lessons continue to shape their research careers! Tonight, allow yourself to flash back to high school, but this time with friends, acquaintances, and drink, to share those science experiences with good humor. 


Cool Science Videos Art-Science Showcase @ MIT Museum.  
Cool Science Videos 
is a site that started when a couple of us young scientists realized that our microscopy "movies" were almost as visually engaging as they were scientifically interesting. We loved sharing these videos with their friends and figured other scientists and educators out there were doing the same. While we found a lot of videos out there, good videos were hard to find... Thus, CSV was born to build a unique collection of scientific videos all in one place instead of visiting individual youtube, vimeo, news, or university pages.  With our diverse scientist's perspective, we hand-pick and curate videos that best communicate cutting-edge research, demonstrate fun at home experiments, and convey fundamental concepts in engaging ways.  Our MIT art-science event showcased many of our videos as well as demos of making art with bacteria and allowing kids to take home culture kits to make their own bacteria art.

I've worked on a variety of other demos at science fairs and museums.  If you're interested in collaborating on something like this please contact me.  Photo credits below for Bio Flash Mob & The Human DNA strand: The Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research @ MIT.